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SAE International Society of Automotive Engineers LogoThrough scR motorsports consulting, James Walker, Jr. has developed an extensive portfolio of vehicle dynamics and hydraulic brake system courses that he delivers exclusively through SAE International. All seminars have undergone industry technical review, received SAE approval, and are sanctioned to award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as authorized by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training.


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Braking Systems…in Plain English

by James Walker, Jr. of scR motorsports published in Grassroots Motorsports, Dec 2000

Back in February, an article describing brake upgrades made to the GRM project Ro-Spit introduced a number of basic braking concepts and reviewed several brake component upgrade possibilities that are available to racers and enthusiasts. However, before any of us go running off to the aftermarket for our own NASCAR 6-piston calipers, F1 carbon-fiber rotors, and 50 feet of stainless steel braided brake lines, it would be wise to take a deeper look into braking systems. We just might find that once we gain a fundamental understanding of what each of these components really does (and more importantly, what each does not do), we will be better prepared to make the right decisions when modifying (or choosing not to modify) our own rides.

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The Book

Yes, in fact we did write the book on brakes, thank you very much...

High-Performance Brake Systems: Design, Selection, and Installation by Author James Walker, Jr.

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James Walker, Jr.

James Walker, Jr.
 James Walker, Jr. is the man who started scR motorsports and subsequently allowed it to spiral out of control to its current state.

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