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Originally from Rochester, New York, James Walker, Jr. is a licensed Professional Engineer at Carr Engineering, Inc. He brings 30 years of real-world experience to his analyses of vehicle dynamics and the reconstruction of motor vehicle crashes.

James graduated from GMI Engineering and Management Institute in 1994 with a degree in automotive mechanical engineering, and subsequently advanced his career through a combination of engineering and management positions at Kelsey-Hayes, Saturn, Bosch, Ford, and Delphi. Along the way, he accrued first-hand experience in the specification, design, calibration, and testing of state-of-the-art electronic brake control systems including anti-lock braking systems, traction control systems, and electronic stability control.

Following his passion for auto racing, James created scR motorsports in 1997. He competed successfully for seven years in the Sports Car Club of America’s SSC and ITA categories.

In 2004, a growing family shifted his on-track focus to high-performance driving instruction with the Porsche Club of America. He returned to competition in 2017, joining ranks with Risi Competizione in the North American Ferrari Challenge series. James and Risi will again be combining resources in 2019, flying the Alfa Romeo banner as they pursue the TC America championship in the popular TCR category.

In parallel with the evolution of scR motorsports, James has served as an industry advisor to Kettering University in the fields of brake system design, vehicle dynamics, and brake control systems. In addition, beginning in 2001 he served as a brake control system consultant for StopTech, a manufacturer of high-performance brake systems. He authored High-Performance Brake Systems: Design, Selection, and Installation in 2007, and continues to publish in the areas of brake system design, analysis, and modification for racing applications.

In 2004, SAE International provided James a unique opportunity to combine his day-job knowledge of vehicle dynamics with his on-track experience in auto racing. In cooperation with SAE, James created three award-winning Professional Development seminars focusing on brake control systems, vehicle dynamics, and brake system design. These efforts were recognized by his peers in 2005 when he was presented with SAE’s Forest R. McFarland Award for distinction in professional development and education. In 2010, James earned SAE’s first “Master Instructor” designation and in 2015 his Applied Vehicle Dynamics seminar was awarded IACET’s prestigious “Innovation of the Year Award for Learner Engagement.”