Dateline: Spring, 2000

scR 2000

It seems like it’s been a long time since the last scR newsletter…and it has, I guess.  Being the ‘off-season’ makes it difficult to focus on the upcoming race year (yea, right!), but rest assured that things are lining up quickly for the start of the 2000 campaign.  Our ‘news for 2000’ follows:

Y2K compliance status

On January 1, 2000 I checked to make sure the race car was still in the garage under its cover.  It was.  Guess we’re compliant.

Motor status

Mark Womack and the rest of the engine development team have been toiling away looking for just what exactly went wrong with the 1999 motor in order to prevent a similar BOOM in 2000.  All indicators so far point toward a failed hydraulic lifter, but when you’re pushing 200 horsepower (ha ha) these things happen.

Most of the new motor is currently scattered about Mark’s shop, but the bottom end is together and waiting for final assembly prior to dyno time.  We will keep you apprised of the progress as the dyno numbers come rolling in.

Sponsor update

As some of you may be aware, NEWFOAM has elected not to return to the team for 2000 (2001 may be a possibility), but before the vinyl was off the car, the guys at jumped in with both feet.  Hailing from Florida, these guys are about as dedicated to the Saturn as we are – and they have been racing forever.  While their primary racing experience has been derived from their multi-car Datsun ITS team, they are in the process of developing an ITA SC of their own.  With any luck we’ll be drafting toward the ARRC with them this November.

Website update 1

Craig has once again outdone himself and has completely reconstructed the team website,  I don’t know when he’s going to run out of these ideas, but the new layout looks spectacular.  Be sure to stop by the site and check it out for yourself.

Website update 2

In order to continue to provide Saturn technical information to YOU (racing and otherwise), we have begun an internet information exchange program with the experts at SPS.  Our FAQ section will be growing rapidly as we develop this forum.  Watch for articles on topics such as fuel system tech, suspension Q&A, and, well, you get the idea.  We can’t give everything away…

Website update 3

In 2000, we are trying to go multi-media – I got a camcorder for Christmas!  With this new technology, we should be able to share even more of the scR experience with our fans.  Watch the website for video clips coming this spring.

scR in the press

As a belated follow-up to our “Saturn Performance” Grassroots Motorsports article published back in 1999, we have again been requested to write for the folks at GRM…but this time from a technical perspective.  Watch the newsstand this spring for our “Braking Systems…in Plain English”.  In the article we address just about every myth and legend surrounding braking systems in order to provide you with the information you need to address any or all of your braking system concerns.  After reading it, drop us a line and let us know what you thought of it!

Like our earlier work, we will be posting the article in its entirety on our website after the issue goes to press (GRM gets first dibs though).

Schedule update

This is tentative at best, but here is the planned 2000 season.  Note that while we may not make EVERY race listed, our actual schedule of 7-9 races will be drawn from this list.  Be sure to check the

website for changes and amendments!

05/06/00           Waterford
05/13/00           Grattan
05/27/00           Grattan
06/10/00           SPC @ Gingerman
07/01/00           Mid-Ohio
07/15/00           Gingerman
07/29/00          Road Atlanta
08/19/00           Waterford
09/02/00           Road Atlanta
09/23/00           Mid-Ohio
10/14/00           Watkins Glen
11/11/00           Road Atlanta ARRC


Race car update

With the SPS conversion of the old white #34 back to more-or-less street car trim (a moment of silence please), there remains only 1 race car in the scR stable…for now.  The red #34 car will receive a 1995 SC2 fascia transplant prior to turning a wheel this year, but with that one exception (and I guess you could count the motor, too) the car will be unchanged from its brief 1999 season.  If it isn’t broke…wait a minute – it IS broke, isn’t it?

Driver update

While it is a given that James will be piloting the red #34 car this season, the plight of Mark Rushbrook remains shrouded in mystery.  Rumor has it that Mark has pulled his 1995 SC2 off the road and has purchased several speed parts from SPS, but a freak Ping-Pong injury (seriously!) leaves Mark slated for knee surgery in the very near future.  And you thought road racing was dangerous.

That’s about all there is to pass along for now.  Stay tuned for the start of the 2000 scR season – the Hondas are in for a surprise!