Dateline: Summer, 1999

SSC Competition Updates

Although things have been slow in the newsletter department lately, our SSC team has been busy tearing up the track.  To sum it up…scR has racked up 10 wins in 12 starts!  Needless to say, this is one quick Regional combination.  Stay tuned as Mark and his crew focuses the second half of the season chasing the National Honda Civics and Nissans.

ITA Build Updates

As you have been hearing, the ITA project is progressing, well, diligently.  The preparation checklist looks something like this:

  • Body & glass: done!
  • Suspension & chassis: done!
  • Braking system: done!
  • Roll cage and bracing: done!
  • Safety equipment: done!
  • Transmission: done!
  • Interior & seating: done!
  • Wheels & tires: done!

So, what’s left to do?  Just the a) graphics b) kill switch and c) ENGINE!  The good news is that the engine build is complete and we have been spending hours upon hours dyno tuning the combination.  The ITA engine rules are flexible enough that you can really find 1 horsepower here, 1 there, if you look hard enough.  The plan is to have the tuning done by the end of July, allowing us to install the powertrain by the first of August.  Tentatively, we plan to hit the track on August 21st for the Nelson Ledges double regional – the updated schedule should bring you back up to speed.  Cross your fingers!

The Updated ITA Schedule

Date Race Sanction Venue Closest Dairy Queen
August 21/22 Double Regional Points Race Nelson Ledges Warren, OH
September 4/5 Regional Race Road Atlanta Atlanta, GA
September 11/12 Double Regional Points Race Mid-Ohio Lexington, OH
September 25/26 CENDIV Regional Championship Mid-Ohio Lexington, OH
October 16/17 Regional Points Race Watkins Glen Watkins Glen, NY
October 30/31 Double Regional Race Gateway St. Louis, MO
November 13 ARRC – IT Runoffs Road Atlanta Atlanta, GA

Well, time to head to the garage to continue the buttoning-up.  We can’t wait to roll this thing off the trailer and on to the track!