Dateline: October 9, 2018

Road Atlanta Race Coverage Now Available For Online Viewing

In case you missed the live streaming of our last race at Road Atlanta, Ferrari has graciously decided to post the highlights on their website.  Our #234 Risi Competizione Ferrari 458 Challenge car is extensively featured in both of the 458 races.  To save you the trouble of having to find the footage for yourself, click on the blue link below and navigate in your browser window to the times listed here:

Saturday’s 458 race : 00:03:34 -> 00:18:30 (we started 3rd and finished 2nd)
Sunday’s 458 race : 00:49:57 -> 01:06:28 (we started 2nd and finished 2nd)

Most of the coverage on Saturday is taken from drone aerial cameras, so look for the large red, white, and blue Texas flag on the roof of our car as we battle at the front of the field.  Note that the rain on Sunday prevented the drones from flying, but the ground-based cameras did a great job of filling the void.  And *again* don’t be confused during the Sunday coverage when the announcers decided to change my name to “John” for a few minutes.  Maybe someday when I’m famous they will get it right?

Up Next: TBD

In related news, Ferrari just announced that the 458 Challenge class will NOT be eligible to race in the Ferrari Challenge series in 2019, so time to figure out Plan B.  And yes, that sound you hear is the instantaneous depreciation of a “lightly-used” 458 Challenge car that was only driven on Sundays.  And Saturdays.  And a few Thursdays and Fridays, too.

Lots of options currently under consideration for 2019, but once we figure out what we’re doing next year, you will be among the first to know.

See you at the track!