Dateline: August 13, 2018

Watkins Glen Race Coverage Now Available Online

In case you missed the live streaming of our last race at Watkins Glen, Ferrari has graciously decided to post the highlights on their website.  Our #234 Risi Competizione Ferrari 458 Challenge car is extensively featured in both of the 458 races.  To save you the trouble of having to find the footage for yourself, click on the blue link and navigate in your browser window to the times listed below.

Saturday’s 458 race:       0:19:27 -> 0:34:40 (we started 9th and finished 4th)

Sunday’s 458 race:          1:01:07 -> 1:12:36 (we started 4th and finished 2nd)

Most of the coverage is taken from drone aerial cameras, so look for the large red, white, and blue Texas flag on the roof of our car as we work our way toward the front of the field both days.  And don’t be confused during the Sunday coverage when the announcers decided to change my name to “John” for a few minutes.  James, John…close enough.

Up Next: Road Atlanta

For those of you that are going to be joining us for the season finale in Atlanta on September 15/16, let us know when you plan to arrive so that we can plan accordingly.  We don’t yet have information regarding the schedule or ticket availability, but we will be practicing, qualifying, and racing on both Saturday and Sunday.  Come on out and enjoy the action with us!  Even if you have never been out to one of our events before, you’re encouraged to attend and join in the fun.  There’s no better way to spend a lazy Saturday than to sit in a real race car and (hopefully) share a taste of warm champagne.

If and when tickets are available in advance, the info should be posted at one of these links below.  We will also pass along whatever we know as soon as we know.

See you at the track!