Dateline: April, 1998

Last minute excitement at team scR!

So by now, everyone has been wondering (maybe), “where the hell is the newsletter for April?”   Well…we’ve been a little more than a little busy getting ready for 1998.  Luckily there have been many hands helping along the way…

Last time we took to the keyboard, the motor was sitting in pieces on the floor along with the transmission and suspension, the SCCA had approved several suspension pieces for competition (still can’t believe that one!), and our first race was scheduled for May 9 at GingerMan.  A few things have changed since then (the motor parts have been moved from the floor to the bench), but otherwise, we are right on track to make a running start at the 1998 National circuit.

  • The powertrain has been completely rebuilt and reinstalled. A big THANK YOU goes out to Jim V, Mike S, and Steve D for their many hours of watching me go through the motions of performing Saturn open heart surgery.  There were several tense moments – like when I swapped the #2 and #3 rod caps and the crank wouldn’t turn over – but all fears were laid to rest as the key was turned and the furious (?) 1.9-liter symphony began.
  • The rear disc brake conversion has been completed. The real beauty of this change was that anyone can go to their local Saturn retailer, order a handful of OE parts, and do the conversion right in the driveway – it really is that simple.  Although we don’t expect a braking performance improvement, it will make for easier inspections and replacements.  And best of all, SPS can order the whole package and ship it to your door (shameless sponsor plug).
  • Although the springs and struts have shown up at the door, we are still waiting for the anti-roll bar supplier to sign, seal, and DELIVER the rear bar. Waiting is not something race car drivers do well.  Once the bar does show, all of the chassis work will be complete.
  • This past Saturday, team scR toured scenic Dayton, Ohio, to visit Saturn of Dayton for a 1-day car show. Unfortunately, several crew members had conflicting schedules, but a good time was had by all!  Pictures will be forthcoming.
  • Schedule change! Call for crew!  In typical scR fashion, the race schedule has been changed – or, shall we say, modified.  We are now targeting to make the CENDIV National opener at Gingerman on April 24-26!  Originally the first race on our schedule was slated for May 9, but we are so far ahead of schedule that we feel we can fully prepare for this event.  Check your calendars and reply if you feel like slinging a torque wrench!

Time to get back to the car…watch this space for more details!