Dateline: December 1997

Planning for 1998

Happy holidays, one and all! This will probably be our last communication prior to the holiday break, so I thought we would pass along some preliminary plans for 1998. This will, of course, give us something to think about during the 6 hour drives we all make back home for the holidays. Read along, and envision if you will….

This past week SCCA voted to approve the replacement of 1) steering wheels and 2) exhaust systems from the catalytic converter back to the tail pipe for 1998. Translation: we will now, at least, sound like a race car. Maybe we’ll see a slight power increase, too, but don’t hang your hat on it. We will hopefully be working with the guys from SPS in Dayton to develop an exhaust system for our application. We’re also trying to cajole them into joining team scR through the magic of sponsorship. Although it’s premature to make any announcements, we think that both sides could benefit from some sort of consortium.

The CENDIV National race schedule has been published in its preliminary form. In turn, may we present the TENTATIVE team 1998 schedule:

April 25 Gingerman National somewhere in SW Michigan
May 30 Mid-Ohio National Lexington, Ohio
June 20 Nelson Ledges National somewhere in NE Ohio
June 26 Road America National Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
July 11 IRP National Indianapolis, Indiana
July 25 Road America National Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
August 8 Grattan National Grand Rapids, Michigan
August 22 Mid-Ohio National Lexington, Ohio
October 5-11 Mid-Ohio Runoffs (?) Lexington, Ohio

In addition, we may target the following events for ‘warm-up’:

May 9 Grattan double Regional Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sept 26 Mid-Ohio Div Championship Lexington, Ohio

So, there you go. Sponsors, as you can see, we are targeting more air time than we delivered last year. With your support, we are confident that we will make one hell of an impact on the National circuit!

Oh yea…for those of you Detroit SCCA members, be looking for your Jan/Feb issue of Open Exhaust – we’re getting a little bit of press – and the cover of the magazine! Yahoo!

Well, that’s about it from here. Until next year…but don’t forget we are officially soliciting crew members for the new season….and we will have new T-shirts!

Last Minute Sponsor Update!

Merry whatever-you-celebrate to one and all! Team scR has some late-breaking sponsorship information to relay prior to shutting down for the year…

Please welcome (now officially) SPS from Dayton, Ohio as scR motorsport’s newest major sponsor. SPS, “The World Leaders In Saturn Performance”, has been around for a few years now, actively sorting out and experimenting with aftermarket performance parts and pieces for Saturns. Their research and development activities have them in the midst of bringing unique Saturn performance hardware to the Saturn owner – suspension pieces, engine components, wheels and tires, and all the plastic tack-on body panels and spoilers you can imagine. In contrast to several of their competitors, the SPS guys actually dyno test several of the components they sell – and publish the data through their website. In this fashion, they attempt to ensure the integrity of the products they offer. Ergo, their customers love them. They would love to hear from you.

Although several of the items they offer are quite illegal in SSC, we believe that through joint activities, we can maximize exposure for both the sponsor and the sponsored. Look for their multi-colored decals adorning the polymer panels this spring! In fact, there is a good chance you will find them out at the track supporting team scR throughout the year.

In other news, there isn’t much other news. Have a safe and happy holiday. We’ll catch up again in 1998!