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The Driver

JohnLike most red-blooded Americans, the most important item on John Comeskey’s agenda after graduating from college in 1992 was the purchase of a new car.  In his case, a 1993 Saturn SL2 seemed like the perfect combination of sports-car driveability and economy car affordability.

It didn’t take long for his love for his car and his appreciation of his purchase experience to lead to a career move.  And in 1993, he became a sales consultant – and later sales trainer – for Saturn of Dayton and the Martin Automotive Group. During this time, he sold a 94 SC1 to a young woman named Jen.  She later became his wife.side

In 1995, he reluctantly traded his 93 model for the revised 96 model.  And though the new car offered greater luxury enhancements, John perceived that it lacked the athleticism of the older car.  As time passed, he yearned to restore the fun-to-drive qualities that had inspired his love for Saturn.  As a result, he began looking to improve performance via aftermarket enhancements.

However, his search for aftermarket enhancements was not easy.  Sources were hard to find, and those that existed could offer no expertise specific to Saturn vehicles.  So in 1996, he maxed out a small fortune in credit cards and started his own company that specialized only in performance enhancements for Saturn vehicles.  His company is known today as SPS.

As a means of testing the effectiveness of various modifications, John began racing solo2 (autocross) with the Western Ohio Region of the SCCA.  But he blames James Walker, Jr. for his current addiction to club racing.  In 1998, James invited John to join the support crew for the SSC team, and John has been stuck at the track ever since!

John has served as crew chief on the #34 SSC car, the #34 ITA car, and the #21 ITA car.  And he has piloted the SSC car in various high-speed practice events at tracks such as Putnam, Gingerman, and Mid-Ohio.  2002 was John’s first season as a real racecar driver, after converting the former SSC car to ITA specs and driving the car with assistance from his wife and car owner, Jen.  John competed in two seasons of ITA and finally retired from motorsports in 2004.

Today, John is the Co-Founder and lead CMS Architect at SpringHill Interactive Media.  Along with his wife, Jen (see below), they design and build interactive websites for a wide range of organizations and individuals - including this one for scR motorsports!  John is an avid runner and triathlete who competes regularly in a wide range of endurance sports.  He also serves as the Vice President of the Ohio River Road Runners Club and as the race director for one of Ohio's largest running events: The Annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot in Miamisburg.