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The Driver

Mark RushbrookMark Rushbrook prepares and drives the black #21 ITA Saturn.  Born and raised in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania, Mark learned to drive on country backroads full of twists, turns, and blind apexes.  Driving was never only a means of getting from point A to point B, but was instead a challenge of finding the best line in every corner.

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Penn State, Mark moved to Michigan to earn his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and to start working full-time in the automotive industry.  Mark applies his 10+ years of chassis and vehicle dynamics experiences on the race track, as well as developing new products for SPS.

Shortly after arriving in Michigan, Mark was introduced to SCCA Solo II Autocross Racing.  He successfully campaigned his 1990 Pontiac Grand Am H.O. Quad 4 (on street tires!) and his 1995 Saturn SC2 for several years, including strong finishes at Nationals in 1995 and 1996.

Mark sideIn 1996, Mark moved from racing against the clock to wheel to wheel competition, running 100cc Controlled Enduro Karts on most of the Midwest road courses for three years.  With decade-old equipment, Mark not only honed his driving skills, but also his mechanical know-how as between session engine changes were all too common.  Mark was able to earn one victory and a handful of top 5’s to finish 4th in the 1998 Mid-States Championship.

After crewing for team scR since its humble beginnings, Mark campaigned the white #34 SSC car in SCCA regional competition in 1999.  In his first year of SCCA club racing competition, Mark won 10 out of 12 regional races.  In 2000, Mark took his 1995 SC2 off the street and converted it into the #21 ITA Saturn.  Most of the summer was spent building the car, but the #21 car finished an impressive 2nd place in its inaugural outing (just behind the #34 ITA Saturn).  The 2001 season had a few high points including a 3rd place finish at Mid-Ohio.  The team is looking forward to getting back on the track and running in the pack for 2002!