Is it spring yet?

Well, it's about that time of year where the cover comes off the race car and the season begins! While there has been a good deal of activity this winter in the scR camp, our website sponsor has been going through issues making it difficult (impossible, actually) to update our site on a timely basis. Therefore, until we can post (really, really soon we are told), here is a snapshot of what is in store for 2001.

*** 2001 Schedule Update ***

Per our January newsletter, our 2001 SCCA (ITA) Race Schedule looks something like this:

May 27 Grattan Raceway Double Regional
July 1 Mid-Ohio Double Regional
July 29 Mid-Ohio Double Regional
September 2 Road Atlanta Double Regional
October 7 Mid-Ohio Single Regional
November 11 Road Atlanta ARRC IT Championship

However, we will also be helping to campaign a 1969 Firebird in the VSCDA series, so we may be a part of any of the following event weekends:

May 6 Gingerman Raceway Driver's School + Race
June 17 Blackhawk Farms Driver's School + Race
July 8 Gingerman Raceway Race weekend
July 22 Road America Race weekend
August 19 Grattan Raceway Race weekend
Sept 23 Road America Race weekend
October 7 IRP Race weekend

Finally, we are committed to instruct at the SPC rally to be held on July 3rd at Gingerman Raceway. To learn more about this event, or to sign up to run your car with us, check it out at

So, when you put it all together, our season looks to be one of our biggest ever!

May 6 Gingerman Raceway VSCDA Driver's School + Race
May 27 Grattan Raceway SCCA Double Regional
June 17 Blackhawk Farms VSCDA Driver's School + Race
July 1 Mid-Ohio SCCA Double Regional
July 3 Gingerman Raceway SPC Rally
July 8 Gingerman Raceway VSCDA Race weekend
July 22 Road America VSCDA Race weekend
July 29 Mid-Ohio SCCA Double Regional
August 19 Grattan Raceway VSCDA Race weekend
September 2 Road Atlanta SCCA Double Regional
Sept 23 Road America VSCDA Race weekend
October 7 Mid-Ohio SCCA Single Regional
October 7 IRP VSCDA Race weekend
November 11 Road Atlanta SCCA ARRC IT Championship

*** New Sponsor for 2001 ***

We are pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2001, the scR team has been joined by STOPTECH, a leading manufacturer of high-performance braking components for both race and street use. Located in Torrance, California, STOPTECH does not subscribe to the "take a Brembo caliper and make it fit everything" school of thought, but rather they have designed their own high-performance calipers, rotors, and fittment kits to properly match each system to each target vehicle. The end result is a braking system which possesses physical characteristics suitable for use with the stock master cylinder and rear brakes, but adds the increased thermal capacity and decreased compliance of a true brake upgrade package.

We will devote more ink to STOPTECH in future newsletter updates, but you can get a sneak-preview of their company, products, and philosophies at

While surfing their site, you may even find a brake tech article or two from team scR...

That's all for now. Only two months until the green flag flies!