Greetings, scR family, friends, and followers! After a short-yet-restful holiday season, we are back in full swing preparing for the 2001 ITA road racing schedule. Here is a brief sampler of what we have in store for the coming year:

*** While our preliminary 2001 schedule was published in our end-of-2000 newsletter, there were several inquiries afterwards. Therefore, here we go again:

May 27 Grattan Raceway Double Regional
July 1 Mid-Ohio Double Regional
July 29 Mid-Ohio Double Regional
September 2 Road Atlanta Double Regional
October 7 Mid-Ohio Single Regional
November 11 Road Atlanta ARRC IT Championship

As you may notice, we have already scratched the May 6th race at IRP. With any luck, we will be at the track with a '69 Firebird that weekend instead - but no promises yet. Stay tuned!

*** In reply to the numerous requests we receive for "hey - what parts do you guys use?" we have teamed up with SPS for the development of the 2000-2001 SPS full-line color catalog. In this 46-page full-color brochure not only will you find endless on-track photos of the entire scR fleet, but also a complete product listing of all the hardware we use on-track and off. Our racing 'R' logo appears next to each and every item we have either designed, developed, or utilized on one or both of our racecars. Intake, exhaust, suspension, and brake parts are easily identified as 'scR track-approved.'

You can get your catalog copy today by visiting their website at, or by calling them at 1-800-632-1059. Be sure to tell them we sent you, and keep the questions coming!

*** After an entire summer of waiting, team scR has been featured again in Grassroots Motorsports Magazine. In the latest issue we explore the braking system in its entirety, from the driver's right foot to the tire's contact patch. While a departure from our traditional 'Saturn Performance' angle, the tech info presented can be applied to any make, model, and year of auto. Enjoy!

For those of you who do not subscribe to GRM (and shame on you if you don't), you can check out the text version on our website at Braking Systems…in Plain English. Better yet, hit and subscribe!

*** Although we have been receiving rave reviews about our web-based video collection, we have been requested to help manage the site by reducing the raw volume of materials available for download. However, since scR central is now CD-RW equipped, we plan to make larger, more exciting videos available for public consumption.

Stay tuned for future updates on how to get your very own scR video CD collection. We are still working out the details, but expect to hear more this spring. If you have interest, you can contact SPS and place your advance order now - they would love to be able to gage your interest.

At the same time, we are trying to 'feel out' the demand for a VHS version of the same materials. Again, if you would be interested in such a collection, contact SPS and let them know! The more replies they receive, the higher the probability you will be watching your very own copy shortly.

*** Finally, word has it that Mark Rushbrook is secretly toiling away in a hidden garage with Mark Womack, rapidly preparing an scR-spec ITA motor for the #21 SC2. As the #21 and #34 cars will be making joint appearances at nearly all of their events this season, the rest of the ITA field should be taking note - two are definitely faster than one! 2001 should be the most competitive season yet for Saturn.

All for now - see you at the track!