Current News

The new owner of the #34 ITA Saturn, Jeff Lawton, absolutely destroyed the track record in qualifying at New Hampshire Motor Speedway during the August 23-24 weekend.  Unfortunately, it was not official because it wasn’t in a race.  Nevertheless, NO ITA car had ever before recorded such a time.  The old track record was a 1:15.7 by an NX2000 with 156 HP.  Jeff turned a 1:15.0 and had two other laps in that session that were below the 1:15.7.

Jeff credits some of the speed to recent engine improvements.  And he says, "We also think we have the set-up down (finally, after three years…..)  650 front springs, 850 rear, rear bar at middle setting.  Had the rear shocks re-valved to the new 8611 spec (which helped the bouncing back end)  Yes, the tracks are very bumpy up here!!"

If all goes well, he hopes to install a larger aluminum radiator soon, because he says, "It runs hot…..  And it loses serious power when it’s hot."  Imagine what he could do if it were cool!